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Does filing for bankruptcy eliminate your obligation to pay child support or alimony?

In theory, annual child support payments in the United States are supposed to total more than $33 billion. However, in reality, fewer than half of custodial parents receive full child support payments based upon a court order or informal agreement. The consequences for not paying child support can be severe. You may have to pay […]

Does filing Chapter 7 mean you will lose everything you own?

One reason people are sometimes slow to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that they know it means they have to liquidate their assets. They believe this means they’ll lose everything they own, which sounds worse than having debt they can’t afford to pay off.  But is this what will happen? Do you really have […]

Do men or women file for bankruptcy more often?

To be certain, bankruptcy can happen to anyone. They can be any age, any gender and from any economic background. After all, bankruptcy normally comes from medical debt in the United States, and anyone can experience an unexpected injury that puts them in the hospital.  However, it is important to consider who files for bankruptcy […]

Help! I’m too broke to file for bankruptcy

In what can be considered the ultimate irony, many financially desperate individuals believe that they are too poor and debt-ridden to file for bankruptcy. Can that really be true? While it is indeed ironic, in some situations it may be true. The good news is that, as with most things in life, there are often […]

Three essential benefits of chapter 7 bankruptcy

For anyone facing serious debt problems, there are many complex considerations. Should you file bankruptcy at all? If you do file for bankruptcy, should you file a chapter 7, a chapter 13 or other type of bankruptcy? What will happen after you file? These are just a few of the common questions people have. What […]

Behind on mortgage payments? Consider bankruptcy

Being able to defer payments during times of financial hardship can provide much needed relief to those in need. However, money problems do not always get better with time. Maryland homeowners who were behind on their mortgage payments might still be struggling by the time their deferrals end. For these individuals, bankruptcy might be a […]

The burden of medical debt

Whether for routine care or emergency treatment, going to the doctor is an essential part of staying healthy for patients in Maryland. The related medical bills are rarely good for patients’ financial health, though. Medical debt places an enormous burden on people’s daily lives and sometimes even prevents them from fulfilling other life goals.  Is […]

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