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Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modifications

Facing Foreclosure? Consider A Loan Modification.

The concept of potentially losing your home after losing your job, a family medical crisis or any other financial concern is overwhelming. There are programs available that help people keep their homes during difficult times. Depending on your situation, a loan modification may be a great solution to keep your home.

Many people who come to Kurland Law Group have attempted to pursue a loan modification without the assistance of a lawyer. Unfortunately, due to the bureaucratic system, they were unsuccessful in modifying their home loan and gave up.

The Kurland Law Group helps clients secure loan modifications through federal programs. The firm also negotiates directly with lenders on clients’ behalf to find the best outcome for both sides. This part of the firm’s foreclosure defense practice includes:

The Kurland Law Group can also assist you with false credit reporting cases that may be impeding your ability to obtain or modify your loan.

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Making Home Affordable For Property Owners In Maryland

The Obama administration’s Making Home Affordable program was created in recognition of the ongoing struggle homeowners and property investors face. The increasing number of foreclosures do more than damage credit ratings: They hurt a lending institution’s bottom line. Taking back a property that is worth less than it was several years ago has little, if any, benefit for the lender. Negotiating a loan modification with the lender may enable homeowners and investors to avoid foreclosure and resolve debt problems.

When a loan modification is not feasible, or when it will not provide sufficient relief, the Kurland Law Group can evaluate other debt relief solutions, such as filing for bankruptcy, that may fully address the individual’s debt problems.

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Contact the Kurland Law Group in Rockville at (301) 424-2834 or send an email to arrange a free, confidential initial phone consultation with an experienced bankruptcy and loan modification lawyer. Working together with an attorney can end your worries about foreclosure and help you keep your property with a more manageable monthly mortgage payment.

Kurland Law Group is a debt relief agency. The firm helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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