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False Credit Reporting Cases

Helping Protect Your Credit Score

If your credit report contains mistakes, it is important to dispute them as soon as possible. Mistakes can result in the denial of a mortgage loan or rental application; a denial of credit; higher insurance premiums; higher interest rates; a loss of promotion; and sometimes even the loss of a job. For over 20 years, the Kurland Law Group has been assisting individuals with credit reporting issues. Our lawyers hold creditors and credit reporting agencies accountable for reporting errors. We will take immediate action to make certain your credit report is accurate.

What Is At Stake In Your Life

Kurland Law Group routinely assists consumers injured in false credit reporting cases that include:

  • Mixed files: This is where damaging information pertaining to another individual is included in your own credit report. This information may in turn lower your credit score.
  • Re-aging of information: Various laws require creditors to remove certain information from credit reports after seven years. However, creditors may falsely change the date of such information so it remains in your credit report. The end result can be unlawful debt collection actions taken against you and a lower credit score.
  • Fraud or identity theft: Because someone stole your identity to make illegal purchases or have access to your accounts, there can be a negative impact upon your credit score.
  • False or inaccurate reporting by creditors: While laws require creditors report credit matters accurately, the reporting of inaccurate information is unfortunately common. When creditors are unwilling to fix such errors, your credit score will suffer resulting in lasting damage to your personal and financial reputation.

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Legislators put in place the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to protect consumers. Yet, due to the complexity of false credit reporting cases, it is difficult to defend oneself in these cases. The attorneys at Kurland Law Group are here to help. We know what actions to take to make certain that your credit score is accurate. When necessary, we will take creditors and credit reporting agencies to court for the damages you suffer.

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If you are a Maryland resident, and believe that you are victim of a false credit report, we can help you not only fix your credit report, but also to sue for damages that you might have incurred from inaccurate reporting. Contact our lawyers now at our Rockville office by calling (301) 424-2834 for a free consultation today.

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