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Mortgage Fraud And Foreclosure Errors

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Mortgage servicing errors can be costly. Mistakes may lead to the extension of your loan or to the paying of excessive fees. Lenders may fail to apply payments properly, resulting in additional fees and inaccurate credit reporting. In some instances, servicing errors can even lead to foreclosure.

Servicing errors can also result in problems for individuals going through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization. This includes the wrongful collection of an otherwise discharged debt.

In the event you face such circumstances, you will need to turn to our seasoned attorneys and staff at Kurland Law Group in Rockville, Maryland. Our attorneys hold banks and other lending institutions accountable for such errors. If you no longer wish to stay in your home, we can negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure or a short sale and obtain a deficiency waiver. We will take immediate action to stop wrongful foreclosure and violations of automatic stays during bankruptcy proceedings. We will negotiate the most favorable resolution of your matter. When necessary, we can litigate your matter in federal or state court.

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Mortgage companies are required to provide a wide variety of information to borrowers to make the entire loan process transparent. Lenders do not always abide by the various consumer protections laws, however.

Our attorneys provide representation in cases involving:

  • Mortgage servicing rule violations under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act or Regulation X: Regulation X requires mortgage lenders, brokers and servicers of loans to provide pertinent and timely disclosures concerning costs of the real estate settlement process. Failure to provide such disclosures are, however, extremely common. It leads to borrowers not understanding their obligations or rights as pertained to the loan.
  • Regulation Z or mortgage servicing rule claims: Among its many provisions, Regulation Z protects consumers from being subjected to unfair, abusive or deceptive lending and servicing practices by mortgage lenders. It also requires mortgage lenders to provide several disclosures so that borrowers are fully aware of the conditions of loans.
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) claims: RESPA requires mortgage lenders to disclose charges, and fees which the borrowers will need to pay during the closing process. RESPA violations arise when the lender fails to make such disclosures. RESPA also requires mortgage lenders to timely respond to Request for Information and Notice of Errors. The failure to provide information may lead to the extension of a loan or the payment of excessive fees by the borrower.
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Maryland Fair Debt Collection Act violations: FDCPA violations arise when debt collectors violate federal laws pertaining to the collection of debts. The Maryland Fair Debt Collection Act provides additional protections to lenders when it comes to debt collection practices.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations: The FCRA regulates the reporting and use of consumer credit information. Lenders must be truthful in the dissemination of such data and can be held liable for misreporting information that can impact credit ratings or otherwise hamper a buyer’s ability to finance or pay for a home.

Our team can make a difference in assisting borrowers who find themselves in a quandary due to circumstances that they did not anticipate. Our attorneys at Kurland Law Group have extensive experience litigating difficult and challenging cases. We can assist in short sales and loan modifications. Our attorneys can also negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure to prevent foreclosure sales. We focus on effective strategies that will compensate those wronged due to mortgage fraud and foreclosure errors.

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If you believe that a mortgage lender, bank or mortgage servicer has behaved unethically or unprofessionally, contact us at (301) 424-2834. We are Kurland Law Group in Rockville, Maryland. Our lawyers have extensive experience with mortgage- and lending-related cases.

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