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Real Estate Disputes

Trusted Real Estate Disputes Attorney in Rockville, MD

Property is one of the most important assets you can own. In exercising your rights, you may run into disagreements with others, which may evolve into something that involves legal action. Real estate disputes can cover anything from property line disputes to ownership disagreements. Our experienced Rockville real estate disputes attorney from Kurland Law Group is at your service! Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Why do I need a Real Estate Disputes Attorney in Rockville, MD.?

Real estate disputes attorneyLegal disputes can be overwhelmingly frustrating and time-consuming. Real estate is a serious investment; one small mistake can lose the asset you’ve sunk your hard-earned money into. If you’re experiencing real estate disputes with another person or a business, you’ll want the best attorney on the job. Our Rockville attorneys at Kurland Law Group are experienced litigators who provide personalized, client-centered representation. We will resolve your dispute cost-effectively and efficiently that realize your goals. 

The Kurland Law Group offers more than two decades of experience serving the legal needs of individuals and consumers in Maryland. The firm is adept at meticulously analyzing cases, conducting thorough investigations, and providing knowledgeable legal advice in a broad spectrum of legal conflicts, including real estate law.

What is a Real Estate Dispute?

A real estate dispute is a broad term that covers any disagreements regarding real estate. The different types of property and various laws mean there is a variety of real estate disputes. At the core of most property dispute cases is usually when one property owner takes an action that diminishes the value of another person’s property. 

What Usually Causes Real Estate Disputes in Rockville, MD?

While there can be a multitude of reasons for disagreeing over real estate, there are a few that occur more than others. 

Property Line Disputes

Rockville property line disagreements involve neighbors who argue over their shared property boundary. Most of these happen because one party doesn’t completely understand how the boundaries are determined based on Maryland property records. Even neighbors who have lived beside each other for years can have different perceptions of where the property boundaries are found. 

Suppose your neighbor is giving you trouble with your property boundary. In that case, getting in touch with our skilled Rockville real estate disputes attorney is best. As capable litigators, we help bring such disputes to a quick and easy resolution that achieves your best interests regarding your boundary dispute. 

Failure to Disclose

Maryland law requires owners to inform buyers about property defects. This property dispute is known as failure to disclose. Failure to disclose entitles buyers to compensation, whether done on purpose or by accident. The common types of undisclosed property defects include:

  • Damage under the rood
  • Mold
  • Leaks

Whether you’re a property owner facing a claim about defects in your property or if you’re a buyer who wants to push through with legal action, you’ll need a skilled attorney by your side. Call our Rockville law firm to get in touch with our savvy real estate disputes attorney to help you achieve your goals. 

Breach of Contract

Contracts form the legal foundation of real estate transactions that outline conditions the parties who sign must follow. Contract disputes are another reason for property disagreements. If one party fails to do its part as stated in the contract, that can be grounds for legal action. 

If you’re facing issues with the terms of your contract, get in touch with our Rockville real estate disputes attorney. We’ll stand up for your rights and work to resolve any issues you may have. Call us now to schedule a consultation about your property dispute case.

Legal disputes are stressful for all parties involved. When you aim to resolve a dispute, you need an attorney who can find efficient and cost-effective resolutions. Our capable Rockville real estate disputes attorney is here to serve you! Call us today to get the help you deserve. 

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How are Rockville Real Estate Disputes Resolved?

Quiet Title Action

Quiet title action serves to clarify who legally owns the property. This type of resolution typically happens when public record regarding the chain of title is inaccurate or incomplete. 

Monetary Damages

One resolution is for one party to pay for the financial losses of one property owner. 

Judicial Sale

A judicial sale, frequently utilized in foreclosure cases, completes the sale of a property without the owner’s permission. Partition actions, which grant a co-owner the right to legally separate from the other co-owners, also use this settlement.


Injunctions are also known as cease and desist orders. Suppose you want someone to stop what they’re doing to real estate. In that case, you can order an injunction against them to temporarily stop their activity. 

Do All Real Estate Disputes Involve Going to Court?

Property disputes can usually be solved by arbitration or mediation. Both these methods are less expensive and time-consuming than full-blown real estate litigation.

The main difference between the two is the right to agree or disagree with the decision made regarding the dispute. For arbitration, the decision made by the arbitrator is binding to all parties involved. For mediation, the parties involved have the right to decide whether they agree with the mediator’s proposed settlement. 

Suppose you have concerns about the arbitration or mediation of your real estate dispute. In that case, it’s best to ask an experienced attorney. Call us at Kurland Law Group to schedule a consultation and discuss your case. 

Call our Rockville Real Estate Disputes Attorney Now!

Real estate law can be complicated. If you’re facing a real estate dispute, your first step is to hire the best legal representation possible. At Kurland Law Group, we understand how important your property is and how to protect it. Our track record of successful legal outcomes comes from excellent legal advice, an engaging client-attorney relationship, and personalized legal services.

Aside from real estate disputes, we offer legal counsel for bankruptcy, asset protection, and litigation services, among many others. Our broad knowledge is a valuable tool to help you achieve your goals. 

What are you waiting for? For real estate litigation, call our Rockville law firm to speak to our experienced real estate disputes attorney today!

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