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Real Estate Distress and Assistance

Effective Resolution Of Real Estate Matters

The threat of losing a home can be one of the most terrifying ordeals a person will face. Many people spend time and money trying on their own to correct the financial problem only to fail, worsening their situation. The Kurland Law Group is committed to helping property owners keep their homes and find the solutions that meet their long-term goals.

The firm’s attorneys assist people in becoming current on their mortgage again, providing clear steps and resources to help them get past their current financial situation.

Assistance In The Midst Of Real Estate Distress

The firm works with owners of all types of property, both commercial and residential. This includes time shares, vacation homes, investment properties, commercial real estate and small-business real estate. Each type of property presents its own needs and requirements in becoming current on the mortgage. The firm’s attorneys are deeply familiar with all types of real estate and can guide you through the process with clear direction and representation.

If you are in danger of losing your home or own property that is in distress, please contact Kurland Law Group today to discuss the situation: (301) 424-2834.

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Diagnosing The Problem And Creating Solutions

The firm’s attorneys take the time to sit down with each client and understand their exact situation, including all obstacles in the way of becoming current on the mortgage. Many people know that there is a problem, but don’t have the answers or information needed to work toward a solution to that problem.

The firm’s attorneys can diagnose the problem and immediately explain practical steps needed to remedy the problem and begin working toward a sustainable solution. This could include short sale or loan modification. The firm’s attorneys will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each option in light of your specific situation and goals for the future. They can help you avoid shortsighted decisions that could affect your long-term goals.

Putting Experience On Your Side

After years of helping families throughout Maryland avoid foreclosure, Kurland Law Group understands the methods that best serve the interests of clients and protect them in the long term. The firm is committed to helping you get through this practically and emotionally.

To learn more, contact the firm’s Rockville, Maryland, office today at (301) 424-2834.

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