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EB-5 Immigrant Investment Visa

Lawyers For The EB-5 Immigrant Investment Visa

The Kurland Law Group is a Rockville-based law firm that is recognized for its extensive experience covering a broad spectrum of legal services and a detailed client-centered approach. The firm focuses on meeting the needs of foreign individuals and small to medium-sized business owners looking to establish a new life in Maryland or anywhere else in the country.

This includes helping people use the EB-5 visa immigration process, which is an investment option that creates jobs in the United States, and can create a fast-track path to U.S. citizenship for those who invest and their immediate family. To learn more about this option, contact Kurland Law Group today by calling (301) 424-2834 to arrange a free phone consultation.

Providing Detailed Assistance For Using This Investment Pathway To Citizenship

You and your immediate family can now obtain green cards and permanent U.S. residency by first applying for an EB-5 visa by investing at least $500,000 into a U.S. government-designated Regional Center that seeks to create jobs in a rural or high-unemployment area. The firm can also help local real estate developers get approval to start regional centers and help attract foreign investors by assisting them in obtaining these visas by investing in the approved center.

The other way to obtain an EB-5 visa is to invest at least $1 million in a new business venture that is approved by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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The lawyers at the firm will help the applicant for the EB-5 visa file the required Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, with the appropriate regional USCIS Service Center, including fees and evidence supporting the application. If the investor is seeking to help fund a new legitimate business or help fund a struggling business, this evidence includes:

  • Documentation proving the source of capital is legitimate and appropriate and is not the result of any kind of business loan
  • Documentation of intent to invest or actual commitment to invest capital
  • Evidence that the required amount of capital has been legally transferred onshore to the United States
  • Articles of incorporation, partnership agreements and organizational documents for new ventures being invested in
  • Evidence of lease agreements for the qualifying enterprise
  • State business licenses
  • Documentation of assets purchased or transferred from abroad for the qualifying enterprise
  • Evidence that investment has resulted in the substantial increase of net worth
  • Confirmation that the business venture creates at least 10 jobs in the United States within two years of the initial investment

You can have direct management and dealings with this venture, or you may choose to only invest the required funds, which is similar to the regional center investment option. Regardless of which option you choose, the Rockville visa attorneys of Kurland Law Group know how to navigate the entire process successfully, including performing the extensive due diligence and filing the very technical financial documents necessary to prove the legitimacy of the funds being provided for investment.

Helping You Understand The Immigration Process

Kurland Law Group has the connections and dexterity to direct every additional component involved in this rigorous process. From finding the right business to invest in to working with an experienced economist to present an accurate and detailed econometrics report, and from finding the right regional center to working with the right corporate attorney to draft the required corporate documents if you are funding a new venture, the firm’s attorneys will make sure your application is detailed, complete and submitted timely.

Furthermore, once you obtain the EB-5 visa, the firm will file forms for green cards for you and your family. This fast-track avenue grants permanent residence and also waives other repeated visa applications that others may have to go through to stay in the country. Three months before the three-year waiting period expires, an attorney will file Form 829 and help you prepare for the mandatory interview, which are the last steps you need to obtain citizenship with no further conditions.

Kurland Law Group Is Here To Help You Enter The United States

Call (301) 424-2834 or contact the law firm online to arrange a complimentary and confidential initial phone consultation with a knowledgeable business and commercial law attorney to discuss if the EB-5 investor visa is the right immigration choice for you.

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