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My Dearest Kurland Law Group:

It is with great humility that I inform you of the amazing news that the Veterans Affairs Office has finally recognized the financial hardship of losing a husband to Agent Orange and has allocated retroactive back payment based on my claim letter sent to them in 1989.

Your office has been so very kind, so professional, and so genuinely concerned in helping me to keep my home all of these years by filing bankruptcy cases when necessary. It has been a struggle and all of you have treated me with dignity throughout every case and situation.

I am now requesting that your office file a Motion To Dismiss my current case. Additionally, I wish to work with your colleague, Shari Parish, who is an expert in modifications and who can speak on my behalf to reinstate my Rushmore Services Loan by satisfying the arrearage as soon as possible. Hopefully, Rushmore will now consider my request for a loan modification with the assistance of Ms. Parish.

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for having found your office so many years ago through the late Trustee, Robert Thomas (I believe that was his name).

May our Precious Lord and Savior always shine upon your efforts and your works as you continue to assist those who need expert legal advice in our society. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

With deep appreciation, I am.


Cynthia Sorrell

Hello Sari and Hope,

Francine and I wanted to personally thank you for all that you have done in helping us with our unfortunate situation. We appreciated the kindness that you extended to us as we delt with such a difficult matter. Your advice was great and the time you took to help us make the right decision for us was most valuable.

We will certainly complete the review and will be happy to tell people about the quality of service and care that we received.

Bernard and Francine S.

Thank you for helping us Me And D. appreciate it very much you were a lot of help you did get the job done I would recommend you again God Bless

Good morning All,

I am pleased to say that your firm has made a huge difference in my personal situation.

I don’t think it would have been successful without your help. I was approved for the modification and will wait until you review the documents before I sign them.

Again, thank you for everything


Dear Sari, Shari and Sam (the three S’s!)

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving our house and helping me move forward with my life.

I certainly came to the right place!

I guess my former attorney “closed the door” and the Kurland Law Group “opened a window”!

With much gratitude,

Sari and Andrew,

It has been an ABSOLUTE pleasure to work with both of you through this short sale process.

Neither John nor I can imagine any of the “traditional” agents/attorneys handling this with any success – let alone what your team was able to achieve.

This is not something one forgets. For the rest of our lives, know that we thank you daily with a gratitude that runs deep.

Heartfelt bear hugs,

May 29, 2018

Hi, Sari. Thank you so, so, so much for everything. If not for you and Shari, we would be in a very different place (both literally and figuratively). We’re grateful.

C and K

Hi Sari

You said you beat Ace funding with a tire iron,

So I have enclosed a solid gold tire iron (only the best designer jewelry, for the modern discerning auto mechanic)

you can beat my adversaries with it.


September 24, 2017

I just want to say this to all of Sari Kurland Bloch’s friends here on Facebook.

If you are her friend, or her family, consider yourself very, very blessed.

I have had the pleasure of knowing this super smart, super skilled, dynamic, strong,

and compassionate woman for many years, and even though she is my friend, to me, she is family.

Sari, I’m almost 57 years old – but I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Thank you for all you have been to me and my family. Love always

Kathy Anderson
January 6, 2017

I would like to thank you and Miss Kurland for your help. I do not even have enough words to tell you my gratitude.

Now my family and I know that we don’t have to be worried to have a roof on our heads, thank you again.

M & T
June 2016

I was going through a rough time with my mortgage company and had to result in finding legal help. I stumbled across several lawyers, after explaining my situation to them they determined they could not help me, especially since my mortgage company has a bad reputation of not willing to work with their clients. I located Sari’s information online. At this point I was extremely stressed and depressed. I explained everything to Sari, and she gave me her honest opinion, and took my case. Sari and her team went above and beyond to tackle my case. She notified me at every step of the process. I could not be more grateful to Sari and her team. This was one of the most stressful times of my life and Sari was able to provide relief to my family and I. If you’re seeking someone understanding and trustworthy, I would recommend Sari.

Michaella S.
February 9, 2016

Facing financial issues in Maryland?

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Just wanted to take a moment and recognize a star in the sky… Sari has been a guiding light for me as I have stumbled through my life as a small business owner since 2006… She’s genuine both personally and professionally and is a straight shooter… She’s no light weight by far… but you get the best bang for your dollar… For those of my Face Book friends who are struggling with short sales and financial restructuring you should only deal with the best… Sari Kurland is as good as you can get and goes to bat for her clients as she doesn’t settle for anything less than the best-case scenario for you and your family. Thank you Sari for 12 years of great advice and protection.

In June of last year 2015, SLS had filed foreclosure against me and I procured the services of the Sari Kurland Law Group.

I have suffered job loss, illness and several traumatic and very personally challenging circumstances over the last few years that I really do not want to post to the public. However, I can attest to the fact that my list is pretty long and convincing. I am still suffering the consequences and financial hardship for being past caretaker to an elderly parent who is now deceased.

The law group was recommended by a fellow attorney that had a reputation for working on loan modifications. I did my homework and searched around for reliable names. Although I contacted 3-4 firms, I was impressed by the quick responsiveness from Shari Parish of the firm when I contacted them about my foreclosure court date. I also appreciated the manner in which Shari communicated with me by phone which I felt was both professional and compassionate at the same time. She did not judge me and I needed that from a representing entity. From the inception of dealing with me on the loan modification ranging from the payment arrangements (I did not have the funds to pay them when I called them) Shari worked with me prior to the court date to negotiating and advising me on steps necessary in procuring the modification. As a result, I feel both fortunate and blessed by the experience.

I did my homework and SLS does not have the best reputation, but my modification was accepted by the lender in the late fall of 2015. I would not have been able to negotiate the modification on my own without the assistance of the Kurland law firm (Shari Parish), and they were diligent in how they moved forward with the modification as I faced some unexpected challenges. I have dealt with some extremely unscrupulous attorneys of past and I only have high regard and highest recommendation for the Sari Kurland Law Firm.

January 2016

Sari and Brennan,

I realize that this case was not the easiest, and I was not the easiest either.

Thank you for your knowledge, patience and assistance.

Thank you!


Good morning Ms. Kurland,

My family and I would like to say a big thank you to you, Brennan and Mr. Silverberg for resolving our matter. We are grateful to have found such kind, professional, top notch people to handle our case. You have given us great peace of mind now that this matter is resolved.

Thank you all very much,

T. Family

Thank you, Sari! I enjoyed our professional conversations and our funny personal ones as well. You are a class act Sari and many could learn so much from you just being you and the wonderful person you are.

I have always told my daughters always give more than most expect and to be fair and honest in everything you do in life. You have given me this and I thank you.

It was so nice to meet such a wonderful lawyer and friend as you. Don’t be a stranger!


A huge thank you to all!

Your support and professionalism throughout this process was what we held onto until our house issue was finally resolved.

We can’t think of a nicer group of people to have on our side!

Thank you!
Sue and Jim G.

Thank you so much for your assistance with getting through what was an unfamiliar and difficult task.

It was much appreciated.
Regina M.

Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into our case. We really appreciate that you have gone above and beyond with all of our questions.

We are looking forward to a fresh start and starting a new life after the bankruptcy with lessons learned!

You have had a strong impact on us & have made us realize & ultimately confront & deal with our spending problem.

You made us wake up which is what we needed, for that we are extremely grateful. From this point forward, we will be living a lot differently.
Erica and Jamie G.

I wanted to take time out, and tell you during this special season how glad I am that our paths crossed. Our journey together has taught me much, and I want you all to know how grateful I am for your partnership and efforts.

Win, lose, or draw we have forged a bond that will not be compromised by any bank, judge or court.
Jack B.

Just a note to say how grateful I am for your help and expert assistance with the short sale. While it is bittersweet, it had to be done and you did it.

Kudos to all of you and for your time, effort, expertise! And, on top of that your caring, sensitive and supportive manner. I can’t tell you what this has meant to me.

You are the best team anyone could have – your competence, teamwork and professionalism simply shines. Thank you for everything!
Carol B.

Dear Sari,

Words cannot express my gratitude to you. Thank you for your tenacity and perseverance.

Thank you for your creative problem-solving skills. Thank you for your generosity of billable hours. I hope that you can use it for a tax write off.

I was mentally preparing myself to lose everything, so this is a miracle as far as I am concerned. I pray that God will send many blessings on you, your family and your business.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Facing financial issues in Maryland?

Whether it's bankruptcy, business law, real estate, or other legal matters, our seasoned attorneys in Rockville, MD are here to help. Get on the path toward a fresh start and resolve your financial issues today!
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Hello Sari:

That is an extremely happy news to hear, even if it is about a “not-so-great” event.

I want to thank you for all your hard and diligent work leading unto this.

You are my legal team for all future financial matters and will whole-heartedly refer you to my family members and friends.
Mr. K

Dear Sari and team,

I just wanted you to know that we truly enjoyed working with you all.

Your knowledge and experience was invaluable in helping us to sell our house in MD and settle our account with Greentree.

We will be happy to refer you to our friends and family for any legal advises or any real estate transactions. Thank you for all your hard work.
Ms. P.

Dear Sari and Team,

I just want to express my gratitude for all your help.

It certainly is a new day for me and a very good feeling, something I have not felt for many years.

A million Thank you’s!

Hi Atty Kurland, thank you so much for the notification.

It was great working with you and your staff.

Believe me, I will maintain your cards for myself and other referrals: you are the best yet
Ms. B.

Hi Mrs. Kurland, I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you put into my case.

I realize that there were times when I felt a little overwhelmed by all of this and probably worried you to death, but you did come through.

I am well back on track now and learning to spend wisely.

Please also let your staff know also that I appreciate their input into this case.

You all did a remarkable job. I have received the discharge and the final decree.

Thank you for your insight and professionalism.

Rachael J.

Thank you again …so much… for all the work you put into our case.

You have been absolutely terrific and I have appreciated that you have been so responsive to my emails.

You are truly top notch!

Thank you so incredibly much for all of your help on this. It never would have happened except for your efforts. (And – to be honest – I’m still a little flabbergasted we were (knock wood) able to pull it off.)

Also, thank you for your pro bono support toward the end and the credit. W. and I truly appreciate your professional guidance and help through this Alice in Wonderland process.

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