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Wage Garnishment Options

Wage Garnishment Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

It is very natural if you or someone you know is now experiencing financial hardship. Debts can be hard to overcome at times. But did you know that under Maryland state law, a creditor can have the legal authority to deduct money directly from your salary? This is called garnishment of wages. If this happens, you may be susceptible to plenty of financial constraints. Before the creditor can obtain a writ of garnishment from a competent court, you can save yourself by seeking legal help.

Pursuing legal action is critical; you must choose a wage garnishment lawyer who can give you exceptional legal aid. It is imperative to find a lawyer you can rely on to assist you with your concerns and offer answers to all of your inquiries in order to achieve your aims. 

In Maryland, Kurland Law Group is one of the most experienced and qualified wage garnishment attorneys that can help you. We have extensive experience, effectively assisting customers in difficult financial situations. If you wish to discuss your current financial situation with us, start a free case evaluation today!

Why do I need a Wage Garnishment Attorney in Maryland?

Wage Garnishment Options marylandWage garnishment is a case that you should not take lightly. After the creditor obtains a court order, your employer may deduct a set amount of money from your minimum wage and send it to your creditors. For this reason, you need to have an expert wage garnishment lawyer in Maryland. When selecting one, take into account the positive attributes that they possess.

A wage garnishment lawyer should have the following characteristics:

  • Wide Experience. You don’t want to choose a wage garnishment attorney who is just getting started. Unpaid debts that have resulted in wage garnishment are serious matters, and you should take all necessary action to get debt relief. Your attorney should have extensive experience with bankruptcy cases, as well as a good educational background that will allow them to exude a greater level of legal competence.
  • Substantial Reputation. Hiring a reputable lawyer is advantageous in any area. A reputable lawyer provides you with a solid foundation for believing that their legal services are fantastic. Aside from that, if a wage garnishment attorney has established a reputation in Maryland, the district attorneys and every bankruptcy court would then recognize them. One way of checking their reputation is by going through clients’ testimonials. 
  • Specializes in Wage Garnishments. It is true that every lawyer, regardless of practice area, studied every field of law in law school. However, this does not imply that they are specialists in every field. You should pick a bankruptcy attorney who has handled a number of complex cases. This entails winning high-profile lawsuits.

Kurland Law Group’s skilled wage garnishment lawyers have all of the good qualities of a bankruptcy lawyer. Our long years of experience with consumers and small businesses in addressing debt through bankruptcy, challenging litigation, and negotiating routes have enabled us to build a strong reputation and provide outstanding service to our clients. 

We specialize in Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Individual/Consumer Services, Asset Protection, Small and Medium-Sized Business, and Litigation Services. If you or someone you know is in need of a reliable and skilled bankruptcy lawyer, call us now!

What is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a legal process by which the creditor can have rights in garnishing your wages from your employer. This can be accomplished by obtaining a garnishment order. The creditor could not garnish wages if he or she was unable to get the necessary writs from a competent court. For example, if you owe medical bills or are behind on your credit card debt, creditors cannot just garnish your wages unless they will file a lawsuit against you and present judgment proof. 

However, an exemption is made by the Maryland state laws. The creditor is no longer required to secure a court-ordered wage garnishment for those who owe for child support, state taxes, student loans, or alimony. These creditors enjoy the statutory right to take money directly from your paycheck.

This is why working with the best Rockville lawyer to stop wage garnishment is very important. An experienced wage garnishment lawyer will protect your rights as a debtor and prevent any harassment from creditors.

Garnishment Options in Maryland

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely seeking ways to stop wage garnishment in Maryland. Automatically, you don’t have much bargaining leverage after receiving a Wage Garnishment from a competent court. If you still have some cash on hand, giving a lump sum payment for half or more of the total amount is preferable. Doing this might be preferable for the creditor instead of receiving little amounts from wage garnishment.  

If you have the funds available, you can also choose to pay off the loan debt  early. You can also allow the wage garnishment to continue deducting from your payroll until the total amount of debt is paid. Filing for bankruptcy is also a wise option to take. If you are dealing with a complicated debt involving big assets, filing bankruptcy is the best option. Keep in mind that your state’s federal law will always determine the exemptions.

Wage Garnishment Process in Maryland

After the creditor obtains a court order authorizing wage garnishment, a copy will be sent to you. Your employer will serve as the garnishee. The writ will state all the pertinent information pursuant to the garnishment and inquiries regarding your job status, how much money you earn, and how frequent you get paid. Every question stated in the document shall be answered by your employer within 30 days, and filed in court. 

You are allowed the opportunity to object to the garnishment at this point. If this is the case, you have 30 days within the same period to file a motion. You may not deny the existence of the debt, but you may dispute it if you find an error in the paperwork or the money judgment.

If you think some of the wages garnished are supposed to be exempted, you can file for an exemption. Albeit they are rarely applicable to wage garnishments, Maryland reserves an exemption law to protect your property. Some incomes are exempted under consumer law. 

Unless the debt is paid in full, the wage garnishment will continue. Every month, the creditor should send you the Judgment Creditor’s Report to make you aware of how the payments are applied. If otherwise, you have the right to dismiss the garnishment by filing a motion. 

It is difficult to stop a wage garnishment once the garnishment has begun. An injunction for exemption relief can be filed under certain circumstances if it can be shown that the amount was calculated incorrectly or the order was issued incorrectly. The only other option is to file for bankruptcy.

Call our Wage Garnishment Attorney Now!

If you or someone you know is about to be trapped in this predicament, you do not have to wait for the court to issue a writ of garnishment. You should get legal assistance from a qualified wage garnishment attorney as soon as possible. It should be well-versed in the practice field, reputable, and experienced.

In Maryland, Kurland Law Group is always ready to assist you in overcoming your financial difficulties. Our dedication focuses on providing individualized and personal service to make positive changes in the lives of every client. Whether it is for Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Business law, or other cases. Resolve your financial troubles and have a fresh start. Request a free case evaluation now!

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